#BePhierce: Ethical  | Transparent | Trustworthy | A Passion for Marketing

Those are the core values encompassed by #BePhierce. A Phierce Marketer has a unique ability to intuitively understand which marketing pieces fit your brand and achieve your goals within your budget. It always starts with a conversation, followed by a goal-driven strategy developed and implemented with consistency and transparency. In addition, every Phierce Marketing strategy is measured, optimized and reported.


Meet the Phierce Marketers

Phaedra Perkins A Phierce Marketer

Phaedra Perkins, Partner

Phaedra Perkins has been solving problems brands didn’t know they had for over 20 years. Her vast knowledge and experience of the marketing industry began before the digital age and she found herself ahead of the curve at every development turn. She has successfully created and marketed several of her own businesses throughout her career. She works with brands large and small to achieve their growth and revenue goals utilizing a common sense approach that often goes overlooked by other agencies and marketing professionals. Phaedra has assisted companies in the B2B, B2C and eCommerce realms. Some of Phaedra’s accomplishments include:

  • Tripling revenue, securing new talent and defining a solid direction and streamlined process for an up and coming marketing firm
  • Author of LinkedIn Marketer’s Blueprint
  • LinkedIn B2B lead-gem over 2% (the average is .93%)

In addition to Marketing Strategist, Phaedra’s career has included titles such as Podcaster, City Chamber President, eCommerce Educator and Keynote Speaker. She has facilitated events around the country including Atlanta, Las Vegas Tulsa and Kansas City; and in her local market including Baton Rouge and Lafayette, LA. Her most successful event was a social media workshop where she presented “LinkedIn – The Million Dollar Click” to a standing-room-only audience providing attendees with step-by-step techniques to get the most from their LinkedIn presence.

Jamie Robinson A Phierce Marketer

Jamie Robinson, Partner

Jamie Robinson is a highly regarded marketing professional who has been breathing new life into old brands for almost 15 years. Jamie’s passion for the marketing industry fuels her desire for continued growth, leaving her ahead of the curve as marketing technology expands. Her consumer-focused approach leaves customers delighted and increases her clients’ ROI. She is a marketing professional passionate about mentoring and building effective strategies for small to medium-sized businesses. Some of Jamie’s accomplishments include:

  • 2014 Orlando Business Journal Women Who Mean Business Nominee
  • Brand appeared in Oprah Magazine twice in 6 months
  • Facilitated 192% client sales growth in one year

Equipped with over a decade of experience branding, promoting and positioning companies with different types of sales models including e-commerce and direct sales, Jamie offers her expertise by acting as a marketing mentor and consultant in her spare time.

Together, Jamie and Phaedra are a force to be reckoned with. They have collaborated with each other for many years and have finally decided to form a PHIERCE partnership. Jamie’s creative approach combined with Phaedra’s analytical analysis results in marketing success for every Phierce Marketing client.

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